The Farm LLC is located in southeast Oklahoma 4 miles south of a small town called Stuart on 31A. Our farm is a 320 acre farm made up of pasture and woodland. The Farm LLC is a veteran owned 5th generation Choctaw. In the past few years the land has been maintained mostly to support wildlife. The Wildcare Foundation in Noble Oklahoma releases rescued wild animals on the property after they have been rehabilitated from time to time. The Farm is full of squirrels, raccoons, possums, owls, hawks, foxes, and other animals that have been releases over the years. There are several rescued wild mustangs and burros that roam the property also. We have developed a rotational burn plan so that we can help keep the wooded areas clear of undergrowth and cedar trees. The Farm has also started cutting cedar trees down to help open up the wooded areas making them more open for deer, turkey and other wildlife. Proper land management helps stimulate the natural balance of vegetation and wildlife.

Our produce is raised on roughly an acre plot at the moment with some of that space dedicated to hoop houses and a greenhouse that houses a commercial aquaponic system. Our aquaponic system has over a thousand square feet of grow space. Our aquaponic systems grow beds and fish tanks are all made out of virgin plastic that is food grade. We have a specialized filter that removes fish emulsion out of the water so fish waste cannot accumulate in our growing media. This creates a growing environment that produces food that is organically produced using the safest practices available.

Our produce is organically grown with as few chemicals as possible. Part of this is because we have to take fish health and the health of the beneficial bacteria that help turn the fish emulsion rich water into nutrient rich water for the plants. Most chemicals that are used for pesticides are harmful to the health of the overall system. We sell our produce directly off of The Farm, at the Pittsburg County Farmer’s Market in McAlester, and to a select few grocery stores and restaurants. As we grow we will expand so we can supply more produce in the local area.

Other than produce we raise dairy goats, chickens, and have a few rabbits. The Farm and the animals that reside within its boundaries are considered family. Our responsibility as good stewards of the land and of the animals that call The Farm home is a personal matter that we hold dear to our hearts. If we care for the land by using the best practices available the land will provide all we need.