Community Kitchen   

We are proud to be working with the Pittsburg County Health Department, Lovera’s Market in Krebs and many other community organizers to help establish a community kitchen in the McAlester area. We are confident that this effort will bring the local community a needed asset by giving those that have a desire to create artisan foods that then can be retailed at local markets the ability to do so. The more we can help others grow, explore new skills and become successful in our community the more prosperous our community will become.

Farmer’s Market

The Farm, LLC is working with many others in Pittsburg County to explore how we can improve our farmers market by increasing vendor quantity and variety that will help bring new customers to the local market. We want to see a vibrant market where customers enjoy coming to the farmer’s market not only for fruit and vegetables but also for classes, demonstrations, music, artisan foods and crafts made by local people.

In the late 80s and early 90s the Pittsburg County Farmer’s Market was a thriving robust market that was a joy to be a part of. We would like to see that type of farmer’s market come back. That is why, here at The Farm, we are attending workshops in addition to taking courses that can teach us how we can better serve the local market as it grows in new and exciting areas.

The Farm, LLC has also started accepting SNAP/EBT cards as well as credit cards on The Farm as well as at the Pittsburg County Farmer’s Market. We will be at the Farmers Market every Saturday that we can. In the future we will be working with other vendors at the farmer’s market so that customers can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from different vendors using their SNAP/EBT card through our equipment. We hope that this will enable a broader range of customers to come to the farmer’s market. We also hope to coordinate with the state to be able to start implementing the Double Up Bucks with SNAP customers.

Food Insecurity 

In the past few months The Farm has been involved in a Community FEAST (Food-Education-Agriculture-Solutions-Together). These are scheduled meetings that bring people in the community together to discuss how to improve the food system on the local level. The mail topic of concern is how food is grown, processed, distributed, and consumed.

Local food insecurity is a major problem in the Pittsburg county area where 16.7% (7,530 people) of the county population is food insecure and 24.8% of the children (2,480 kids) are food insecure. Pittsburg county is not alone in this problem where the state food insecure population is 632,030 people, or that 216,980 are children.

If you would like to become involved in FEAST you can contact the Pittsburg County Health Department for more information. We are doing great things to help improve our community. Come join us!

Oklahoma Agritourism

The Farm is proud to announce that we are now officially on the Oklahoma Agritourism website at This helps bring one more reason to visit southeast Oklahoma and to our community. Through helping encourage others to come visit our community the healthier our community will stay and encourage economic growth.