Community Kitchen Workgroup Event

October 19th, we had a meeting for Community Kitchen Workgroup where we discussed and took steps to help get things moving in the right direction for the Community Kitchen Incubator/ Processing/ and Retail Sales. There are many exciting things going on right now with getting a Community Kitchen in McAlester. If things continue to move along as well as they have been we just might be able to see a certified Community Kitchen that is for commercial cooking soon.

This will enable many people that have a desire to cook foods, the ability to do so and they will be able to sell those goods in local stores and/or at the local Farmer’s Market. What’s so thrilling about this is that we will be able to have new vendors at the Pittsburgh County Farmer’s Market that will be able to sell FRESH baked foods. This enables the community to have more options at the market and to encourage others that are not farmers to participate in the market, hopefully turning entrepreneurs into some.

If anyone is interested in participating in a Community Kitchen either to utilize it as a cook or to take cooking classes, please become involved in the process. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 4, at 9:30am.

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