Dave Rasemy EntreLeadership 1-Day Course

October 27th, I went to Durant to attend Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership 1-day course. I’ve been a major Dave Ramsey fan for many years, it was a real treat to attend this workshop. The people at the Choctaw Small Business Development Center are the ones that put this event together at no cost to those that attended. The Choctaw Nation Small Business Development Center work hard at helping small businesses get the assistance they are needing. The business strategies, employee involvement and office policies that Dave Ramsey and his team leaders use are great and a testament to what good leadership can accomplish and allow the people under them accomplish. Tons of valuable information was shared with us. I’m Always looking for those treasured nuggets that help improve relationships we develop through business. 

I’m thankful that I can attend trainings and conferences such as this one throughout the year. Farming can drag you down at certain points throughout the year making you ask if all the hard work and long hours’ worth it. Business also has those downhill struggles that get you to thinking of the why, by merging the two there can be more why’s. But being able to stay connected to other farmers and business professionals helps keep that motivation up and keeps “the why in the heck do I this” thoughts at bay. Staying connected helps with the downs and helps ensure you have more up days. Part of it is by talking to others and helping them when you can you realize your struggles are not as bad as they could be.

Dave Ramsey gave a Churchill speech at the end that could drive any doubt out of anyone’s mind. Just that speech made the trip worth it.

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