Farm Tours & Farmer’s Market Managers Course

Oklahoma State University and the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center have worked to put together Oklahoma’s very first Market Manager Certificate Program. I was thrilled to be in Oklahoma City last Thursday and Friday to attend the first two classes. For the next several weeks I will be attending a two-hour class twice a week online, then we will attend our final class back in Oklahoma City. This week I logged in and attended the online classes. Everything they have put together has been great information and give a person a great foundation to build a strong farmers market. I look forward to being able to bring new exciting ideas to the Pittsburg County Farmer’s Market. The information we are learning is vital to a thriving farmer’s market and I hope we can implement many of these ideas into our farmer’s market for the benefit of the vendors and customers alike.

This week has been a busy one. On Monday morning we had a farm tour that went well. I am really looking forward to building a working relationship with who came out. It is exciting to meet other entrepreneurs that are in the area and who are as concerned as we are about the food we eat. I really enjoyed talking to those that share the same passion for healthy food. Working with others in future adventures is very exciting. If we can help support as well as supply a new business in the surrounding area, especially one concentrating on serving healthy wholesome food The Farm is all in.

On Wednesday we had another farm tour. It’s great to meet new people that are interested in aquaponic farming. I had a wonderful time showing the aquaponic system we have to them and discussing the benefits of having such a great system. I do hope they are can get a system of their own built soon. Hearing from people who want to grow their own food, so they can be more food secure and know the quality of homegrown food I have hope that we might one day grow out of our need for foods that have been sprayed with one chemical after another just, so it can look perfect and ripe at the grocery store. The healthier our food is grown the healthier our bodies will be. I have nothing but respect for those that grow their own food, so they can be a healthier person.

We were supposed to receive an ice storm at the end of this week, so I went through and checked for holes and weak spots in the greenhouse and made sure that all of the water heaters for the fish were working. After a day of making sure the greenhouse was secure I had to hay the mustangs, burros and goats, stocked up on chicken feed and goat feed so if the weather got bad there was no need to brave the ice to go get needed animal feed. Then the weather changed, no more ice and doesn’t look like any real threat of freezing weather. We got lucky and even though I spent a lot of time making sure the greenhouse was able to handle ice and snow it was time well spent.

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas.

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