Honey Bees On The Farm

October 28th, Attended the Southeast Beekeeping Association meeting. A valuable group of people that work hard at nurturing honey bees in our area. Honey Bees are vital to the production of fruits and vegetables by pollinating flowers. Without honey bees pollinating our flowers fruits and vegetables produce fewer fruits and poor pollination also causes misshapen produce. Protecting our honey bees are vital to our food supply throughout the world. It is estimated that honey bees pollinate 1/6th of the worlds flowers. With the recent honey bee die off it is more vital than ever to take care of the bees that gives us so much.

This spring we got our first hive and they have thrived this year. I didn’t rob them of any honey this first year but next year to encourage hive health. We also don’t spray pesticides that are harmful to the bees. By implementing organic practices on the farm, we are protecting the honey bees and the honey they make. When we do spray the organic sprays that may affect honey bees we spray them in the evening when honey bees are less active so the sprays have a chance to dissipate by morning so as not to affect the bees. Next year we will get one or two more hives, we want to build up to ten working hives on the farm.

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