October 19, 2017

This afternoon the Work Group for the Community Kitchen Incubator met and discussed different avenues of how to accomplish this task in McAlester. There are several ideas of where and how to begin with taking on this effort. We will be working with the City of McAlester, Pittsburg County, the Choctaw Nation, and several individuals that are ecstatic about getting this project moving forward. Tentatively we will be meeting on December 6th to go on a field trip to other cities that already have community kitchens so we can see how they operate, what hurdles they had to overcome and how they solved them, and how they are helping individuals succeed in the cooking industry.

We recognize that this is not an end all for those that want to cook professionally, run a bakery, or canning company. This is a stepping stone for those individuals that want to do these things. This will help those individuals to meet consumer safety regulations so they can reach out to retailers and new distribution channels. This project is to encourage more people to step out and become entrepreneurs bringing new businesses to our community stimulating growth.

We are looking for individuals that may want to become involved in this project to step forward and join us in this journey. If your are in the Agriculture, Processing, Distribution, Retail, or part of an organization that would benefit or help us succeed please volunteer. https://www.ok.gov/health/Wellness/Healthy_Food_Systems/index.html


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