Daniel Wilson Member/ Operator                         Daniel is proud of his Choctaw heritage and believes that we desperately need to learn to live with the land as the Native American’s once did. Our earth is made of symbiotic relationships that have to coexist in a harmonious way. He proudly served in the United States Army for over 7 years. He is  a Master Gardener and a board member at the Pittsburg County Farmer’s Market. He has also completed in OSUOKC Farmers Market Managers Course and Grower training under the Produce Safety Alliance.


Adarra Wilson
Adarra Wilson Sales Representative       Adarra is currently involved in the Pittsburgh County 4-H club where she is a Pittsburg County 4-H Ambassador and the Junior 4-H President. She is also a class representative for her 5th grade class. Adarra is eager to learn as much as possible about how to operate and run a business in the hopes of taking over the family farming operation. She has brilliant and exciting ideas of where she wants to take the family farm.




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