We grow a wide variety of vegetables that we market at retail and wholesale within a 45 mile radius of The Farm. Our produce is usually delivered the same day as it was picked ensuring freshness. Some of our herbs will soon be sold fresh in vacuum sealed bags. We strive to grow nutritious produce that tastes great and looks good too.

  • Arugula- Sylvetta; has a salty, peppery-spice flavor
  • Basil- Genovese; slight peppery flavor that turns sweet anise
  • Cilantro- Santo
  • Oregano-
  • Thyme-
  • Chives
  • Lettuce Mix- To Many Varieties to Name
  • Spinach- Bloomsdale, Space
  • Kales- Siberian and Red Russian
  • Chard- Fordhook Giant
  • Beets- Bulls Blood;
  • Carrots- Napoli, Nelson
  • Cucumbers- Diva, Iznik, and Marketmore
  • Okra- Clemson Spineless
  • Radishes- White Icicle, Sparkler, White Globe Hailstone
  • Squash- Slick Pik, Gold Star
  • Tomatoes- Better Boy, Celebrity, Big Boy, Washington Cherry
  • Zucchini- Magda, Dunja

As we learn how to grow more crops more efficiently we will keep adding new crops to our growing list of produce.